"You Know You From Hawaii When" List Makes Me Laugh
Busy and Busy and Busy, Oh My!

Everybody's Working For ON The Weekend

Wow, that was a busy week, even coming to work at 10 and leaving at 5 ish every day. Wednesday we had dinner at good friends' house. Thursday we went to the Writers Guild to hear the creators and writers of LOST talk about what they do and how they do it. Last night was a fun at Sarah's seeing her family who were in from points east and north. Much laughing and pizza was had by all. Tonight we are invited to another BBQ but I think I'm going to cancel and just hang. Too much to do today. Tax prep and also finish a bid (for pay) that is due on Monday. Tomorrow is Dot's birthday so we are taking her to Santa Anita to watch the races and have a lovely luncheon. In between all that I want to blog a bit more and update Safety Graphic Fun. There are many people who have sent me images. I need to thank them and then organize the pictures. I'm already tired.

As Xeni Jardin said on Twitter this morning: COFFEE IS A FOOD GROUP. 

(She didn't shout it; uppercase mine)