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Ah Venice (Italy, not California)

Memorials And Memories

We've been trying to figure out a memorial for Jen. There will be a plaque somewhere in Capitola, California at some point. That is where she spent lots of time watching the kids surf. Then mom also thought about maybe getting a bench at Seabury somewhere. We hadn't really thought about this at all previously. So she called me this week to say not only was it easily arranged, but that we could put the bench by the reflecting pool right near Snooker's bench. 

Snooker has a bench and Jen loved Snooker. (I'm hard pressed to fine anyone who didn't love Snooker, I sure did.) This made me cry bittersweet tears. 

We are so glad to have something at Seabury. Jen lived on Maui from December of 1975 until about 1981 when she moved to California. The majority of that time was spent at Seabury. That's where I remember her (well, there and San Francisco Rag Shop). And Seabury is such a special place for me and to be near Snooker, It's all just perfect. 

So when the bench is in place, I'll let you know. For now, here are a few shots of Snooker's bench that my mom took yesterday.