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Road Trip!

Kurt and I are planning our first getaway, a true, just for fun, just for us, getaway in over two years. For someone who likes to travel as much as I do, this is a huge deal. Our plan is to take a week and drive to the Grand Canyon, be there for a day or so, then see the meteor crater, then go to four corners and Monument Valley. There are many places in between as well. We considered Carlsbad Caverns, but opted for Monument Valley instead as both of us have never been to Monument Valley. 

(photo by Marc Averette and used under Creative Commons license.)

And I LOVE a good road trip. I love driving and seeing stuff along the way. I've already been making myself cross-eyed by looking at a road atlas close up most of yesterday afternoon. Then I went to one of the many route 66 websites to find turn by turn description of where to find the old 66 since it is no longer called that. Historic 66 was very helpful in this manner. I can't wait! It's seriously going to be tough to come back to LA after a week. I would prefer to just keep on trucking.

One of my many dream road trips would be to drive Route 66, finding all the bits that are still left. I mostly want to drive around the country, avoiding freeways as much as possible. Alton Brown did a great series called "Feasting on Asphalt" recently and I loved every minute of both series. He and his crew rode on motorcycles (plus a back up RV) first from the east to the west coast. Their second series was called the River Run and they followed the Mississippi from the Gulf of Mexico to the headwaters of the Mississippi in Minnesota. That is a trip I would do in a minute!

There are many places to see in the world and half the time all I want to do is go back to Italy. But seeing parts of this continent is near the top of my list as well. So our little southwest road trip will be a great start.