Road Trip: Photo of the Day 4/21
Road Trip: Photo of the Day 4/22

Quick Road Trip Recap (Sans Photos)

Sunday we left home at 6:45 am, heading east into the rising sun. We flew through LA in no time and were heading north on the 15 toward Barstow. Breafast at Bun Boy was a script fodder experience for sure. Took the 40 toward Needles and Kingman, breaking off to see parts of old route 66 where we could. Then we got to the Grand Canyon, checked into our hotel in Tusayan and entered the park. Amazing. We considered a helicopter tour, but decided the $450 would be better spent elsewhere. Early dinner then hit the sack. 
Monday - breakfast at the El Tovar with a view of the canyon. Then we meandered our way east out of the park, stopping to get various views of the canyon, mind blown every time. So glad we went "off-season" as I can't imagine it 100 degrees with a million tourists. We drove out of the park and stopped at the Navajo viewpoint for the LIttle Colorado river section of canyon. Great view straight down. We headed south toward Flagstaff, detouring to see Sunset Crater, which was lovely and had crazy views toward the Painted Desert. Then we went to Meteor Crater but the sign said closed at 5pm and it was 5:10. Back to Flagstaff for a cruise down old Route 66 and into historic old downtown near the train station to spend the night in a funky old hotel. 

Tuesday - Meteor Crater! Saw the big hole in the ground, then headed back toward Flagstaff to head down to Sedona. Gorgeous drive through Oak Creek Canyon, we stopped at Slide Rock park and watched people swim and slide down the creek. Looked like a great place to spend the day. We were enjoying the views of the increasingly red rocks and amazing formations. Then we hit Sedona and suddenly felt like we just had to keep driving. SO MANY tourists, just too overwhelming after quiet drives with gorgeous views. We went further south to see Montezuma's Well (something Kurt had seen before). Then we needed a place to bivouac for the night and headed to Jerome and got a balcony room at the Grand Hotel. Dinner was spectacular at the Asylum Restaurant. 

Wednesday is today and we are going to wander around Jerome a bit, have breakfast and then move along to points east and north.