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Really Lame Marketing

I got this email today:

Dear Julia,

[Company redacted] thinks your Mexico City blog rocks! You provide great tips on city and we'd like to help by providing our travel videos for your site. We're big believers in providing independent voice for travel and would love to be of assistance.

[Redacted] is the leading online travel video website, and we've got thousands of informative and entertaining videos made by real travelers and professionals.  Our new, free embeddable travel video widget gives your site visitors instant access to videos about Mexico City. The widget is customizable to match the color and theme of your site.

We can also help integrate Google In-Video Adsense to help you make money with these videos.

Please visit our [redacted] Widget page at [website redacted] to check out the video player and get the embed codes.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


[Name Redacted]

I don't want to give this lame site any linkage or name recognition which is why I'm leaving their name out, as well as the name of the person who emailed me from the company. After reading it, I immediately wrote them back and said: "Have you actually read my blog? If you had, you would know it has very little to do with Mexico City." Can't wait to see if I get a response. 

Too bad this site doesn't actually take the extra five minutes to, you know, find a sight that is travel related. I could see where in two seconds you might think this sight is about Mexico City. That's why I put the "Where I'm At" box right below my picture (see? right there on the right?). I wanted to clarify so there wouldn't be confusion. I do write about places I travel to, but that's just part of my life, not the main focus of my blog. 

Good luck with your marketing campaign, [Redacted Company]!