Quick Road Trip Recap (Sans Photos)
Love Me Some Wood, Petrified Wood, That Is...

Road Trip: Photo of the Day 4/22

Today was a long day of driving from Jerome to the petrified forest and painted desert. The driving was lovely through pine forests and smaller canyons. But once we got to the petrified forests, all bets were off. Hard to pick just two photos today because we took about a zillion of the petrified wood. That is for another post! Seriously, I never thought petrified wood was so cool.

Here's Kurt as we are walking around Crystal Forest:


Look at those things! They are 200 MILLION YEARS OLD!! 

At the end of the walk, we saw this:

The Ravens will mess you up if you break the rules. Seriously. 

Tonight we are staying in a Best Western in downtown Holbrook. We had no idea that the WigWam Motel was here. They were all booked up so no sleeping in wigwams for us tonight. Oh well.