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Road Trip: Photo of the Day 4/23

Sad Decay on Route 66

I know Route 66 only exists in old broken down motels, museums, and in books. The official route is no more, just historic signs and markers. Some places are fixed up and still in working order, like the WigWam Motel here in Holbrook. They were fully booked last night when we arrived and the nice woman who worked there said they are usually booked all the time. Cool. Here's a quick snap as the sun was setting yesterday:


There are plenty of places along the way, gas stations, cafes, etc that are boarded up and falling to ruin, but you can see that on most highways across the country. It's the special signage going to a slow death that make me sad. For instance, Twin Arrows, east of Flagstaff on the I-40:


I can't even find a vintage postcard online for what it used to look like. But those are supposed to be two bright red and yellow arrows. The cafe and gas station are sadly boarded up and fading.

But there are other places that are alive and well in their retro splendor. Later, I'll post more about those places and a collection of great signage we've seen along the way.