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Shopping For Beautiful Paper

I went shopping online for gorgeous stationery and paper. When I really want to treat myself by buying something, I buy paper. Clothes are nice, but I don't love clothes shopping, all that trial and error. Shoes are okay but I they don't turn me on like paper does. 

(Some of you have probably received a note from me on this.)

Today I spent $164 on paper, some of these shown will be arriving by fed ex within a week or so. And within six months to a year, they will be all gone. 


There is wrapping paper coming too and I love wrapping presents in beautiful bright papers. Makes the gift giving that much more fun.


When Kurt and I were on our honeymoon in Italy, I warned him that I wouldn't be spending any money on Italian leather or fashion. It would be about the paper. I took him to my favorite paper store in Rome. You know the one -- if you are standing in front the the Pantheon and walk toward it, keeping toward the right, about one block down on the right side of the street. See?

Can't wait to go back there, it's been way too long. Hmmmm, what are we doing after Christmas this coming year?