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Weigh In Wednesday

While we were on the road trip I didn't have a place to weigh in. We were half eating good stuff: apples and bananas and carrots and edamame. And half not as good: Cheeseburgers (twice) and salty snacks and ice cream twice. But overall not too horrible for a road trip. For example we never had any chicken fried steak!

So while I wasn't worried that I had put on a lot of weight and was sure I didn't lose any, I didn't want to come back home up three pounds or anything. I weighed myself on Sunday and lo and behold I was still at 193. Good good good.

We got home Saturday and on Sunday I watched CBS Sunday morning and they had a story about Engine 2 fire company in Austin who eat only vegetarian and who have reduced their cholesterol significantly and improved heart and over all health, not to mention lost weight. Their website is here. I was intrigued as I've been looking for good veggie based recipes and figured if firefighters were loving the food it had to be pretty decent. (I had tried a few recipes from a vegetarian cookbook I already own and found both a bit unsatisfying.) Also, that the "Diet" is not about 1/2 a cup of this and 3 Tbs of that. It's about what you are and are not eating. 35666251

I bought the book and have already made three recipes that both Kurt and I really enjoyed. The first one: whole grain pasta with pesto, took a moment to get used to as the pesto was made with no oil and no cheese and whole grain pasta is different than regular ole white pasta. Anyway, it was fine. Monday night I made red beans over quinoa with kale. The red beans recipe was pretty tasty and we gobbled it up. We both love kale anyway. Last night I made what turned out to be a MAMMOTH lasagna. And dang it was soooooo good. Monday and yesterday I had the previous night's lefotvers for lunch, though yesterday I was so busy I had only time for about a cup of edamame and five bites of the red beans and quinoa. For breakfast I have old fashioned oatmeal or Red Mill hot cereal with either some honey or bananas.

So with a very veggie meal plan starting on Sunday night (I had eaten about 10 crackers and some move popcorn during the day on Sunday) I am amazed at the results:

Weigh in on Wednesday 4/29: 190. 

Woo hoo! Down three pounds in three days!

This is not a crash diet, and I don't feel deprived or forced to eat tiny portions. Monday night's red beans dinner felt like a HUGE plate -- though half was filled with kale. Last night's lasagna portion was not huge, but not puny either. And all of it without oil, meat or cheese/dairy feels so good after you eat it, even if you pig out. It's going very well so far. 

The Engine 2 plan is 28 days and focus more on the result of bringing down your cholesterol. That will be fine with me. I didn't test my cholesterol before hand, but next time I go to the doctor I'll ask for one just to see where I am after this. 

Feeling very good!