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Tell 'Em What They've Won!


Okay, we didn't win it, we bought it. But we did get a new vehicle. 2009 VW GTI 6 speed manual (oh yes it is!) with rally pedals and heated seats. (Which I didn't even realize came standard!) Last time Kurt got a new car was 1995. Last time I got a new car was 1999 (which I sold a year later because I was freelance and chose not working as much over a new car. Smart on my part, I must say.) 

We are seriously pleased. 

What's that you ask? Oh yes, 200 hp and it will snap your head back. Well, the way I drive it, it will! Man I love to drive. 

Who wants to name it?!


Weigh In Wednesday

Weighing cottontailIf you've ever been on a program where you weighed in on a specific day, you know how there is some planning around that day. I do focus on keeping that magical Wednesday number below (or at least at) the previous week's number. Sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. Last night we were invited to a very late dinner out with friends who had a friend in from out of town. I didn't eat until about 9:30 and then was home asleep by 11:00. So the scale this morning said 189, 1 up from last week. However, the last three days I'd been at 188. So there you go.

Last week was also about lots of going out for various birthday and bon voyage celebrations (4 nights!) and so I ate around my current program, not completely within it, though not by a lot. I've been choosing very specific types of food to eat these last four weeks and find that even if I'm out for a special occasion, I am still very happy to eat well and not just "pig out" for the evening.* I have not felt deprived at all with my choices. I have been hungry, but in that really good "Gee whiz, I haven't been eating all day for no reason and now I'm actually hungry!" and that makes your meals taste even better. 

Exercise has been hit or miss and to be honest I've let it be that way. This is a constant struggle for me, so I'll keep working at it.

Oooh, I'm hungry now! Time for breakfast!

*This "pig out" idea will be full force, however, come June 13 -- the day of Hot Dog Death March!

Classic NON-Route 66 Signage

After Monument Valley we headed west and north through to Zion. Along the way were a few towns on the Arizona Utah border that had some great motels and signage. 

Love the combo of fonts between "Motel" and "Parry" and "Lodge". What the kids today call a "mashup" I think.


The "Sun N Sand" font here is fabulous. 

This was the whole view.

The Golden Hills Motel does reflect the landscape somewhat...

And across the street is this beauty:

And yes, you did read that right!

The last sign we saw was in Baker.


Classic Route 66 Signage: Holbrook

After heading south out of Flagstaff (actually we went east first to Meteor Crater, then back to Flagstaff and south...) through Sedona and then spending the night in Jerome, we headed up to Painted Dessert and Petrified Forest National Park. This is where I fell in love with Petrified Wood. I mean look at it!


Okay okay, I'll move on...

So we watched the sun going down as we drove toward Holbrook to find a place to stay. We got off at the Route 66 spot and were not sure if there was anything cool, then found the sweet spot. First was this sign that was just classic. You never see these in California anymore:
These days you just get the big red lippy looking logo.

Then the arrow under the "drive through" sign is great too:

Down the block was this mindbender:
That thing haunts my dreams.

More traditional signage in western country:

We turned around at the end of the road which was a few blocks later (did I mention Holbrook is small?) and found this street sign:
Not to be confused with "W. Bucket of Blood".  I found a website to explain it all. Click here.
In Holbrook we stayed in a Best Western -- cheap, big room, GREAT wifi, tv. It was a veg-out night. We weren't sure where to have dinner, either here:
Which was across the street from the movie theater:
Or here, which seemed way more old school:

We chose the Butterfield Steakhouse. It was all you might imagine a place like that in Holbrook to be.

The BEST BEST BEST part though were the Wigwams. The glorious Route 66 Wigwams!
They were al booked up when we arrived, dang it. But we must make a reservation and go back.


The next morning they were even more wonderful.

All alone out there in Holbrook.

Have you slept in a wigwam lately?

Weigh In Wednesday

The number is 188 today, same as last week. During the week I was at 187 so I know I'm still moving in the right direction. Last night was a late birthday dinner for a friend and so, except for a piece of cake, I didn't eat too far off what I've been doing: bruschetta and mushroom ravioli and spinach. I find this new eating style is not too hard to work with at all. I feel full and satisfied and the afternoon carrots or edamame snacks keep me quite happy.

Just as happy and cute as this little dude.


Classic Route 66 Signage: Flagstaff

We got to Flagstaff at the end of a day and drove the length of 66 from east to west. The lighting was all wrong so we went back the next morning to shoot a few of the fab spots. I love this one because while the sign itself is nothing much, the building is classic Route 66 with covered parking spots next to each room!


If the place didn't looks so sketchy up close, we might have stayed.

Here's a beauty! Harkening back to when Route 66 was a dusty trail.

I'm sorry we didn't get to see this lit up at night:

At the Howard Johnson, the hotel building was new but they had kept the original restaurant and big neon sign. Hooray for them!

Saw this Cafe in Historic Downtown Flagstaff (though we didn't eat there). Hard to know if it is vintage 66 but seems like it...

On the other side of the tracks in Historic Flagstaff was a collection of cool signs and old motels.

I love that they built signs so tall for approaching cars to see from far off.


Many places we saw had "Sensible Rates"

I love this sad old sign and how it makes me think it's a place for wayward tourists.

Down the street from the DuBeau and The Downtowner was the Sierra Vista Motel. Great sign, though as with many, sadly in need of some refurbishment love.

I love the detail on the above sign as well -- more saguaro and cacti.

East of Flagstaff is an exit for Twin Arrows. Sadly, it's not so happy any more. Jill, who lives in Phoenix, said that there are plans (for good or bad) to build an Indian casino there to revive "Twin Arrows". We'll see...

Classic Route 66 Signage: Kingman

We got to Kingman a bit later and found good signs.

Again with the cursive neon - NICE. I love the overall design of this sign as well and that it seems in good shape.

Unlike this sign which needs a lot of love. In it's heyday the neon arrows flashing down the right side would have been great fun at night.  Anyone know what font "Hillcrest" is?

The Hill Top -- Best Stew View in Kingman! (clicky for bigger). I still prefer "Best Stew". "View" didn't actually occur to us because there wasn't really a significant hill top where we were while taking pictures.

Digging the Saguaro on this sign.

Check it out:

I like that the Frontier advertises it has TV, but is it COLOR?

Not quite sure what the spike coming out of the goblet is all about...but there is that fabulous "Chinese" font again!

Halfway between Kingman and Seligman is The Grand Canyon Caverns, complete with dinosaur and very international (notice all the flags.) Alas, we didn't stop.

Classic Route 66 Signage: Barstow

So yeah, work has been kicking my BUTT big time since we got back from our trip. Long days, weekend work, fun fun fun. Now I'm catching up with photos from the trip and today I sorted out the Route 66 signage we saw. 

I'm going chronologically so I'll start in Barstow. I do apologize for my lack of skill with my camera, still getting comfortable with settings, etc. Plus we were driving straight east at about 9am. And taking photos from a moving vehicle -- my favorite style! (Though Kurt was driving while I snapped away.) You can click all for larger versions if you choose.

El Rancho Barstow was a huge sign, brown and tan, easily visible from miles away. Too bad we weren't there to see it lit up.

I love a cursive font in neon.

Love those crazy arrows and that this place serves American AND Chinese food. Bonus on this sign is that "Chinese" is in that "Oriental" font. Classic!

Very straightforward sign, but I love that "Color TV" sign. That'll bring 'em in! So 70's.

The Torches also has color TV. Hard to decide!

After Barstow we got to Amboy where Roy's Cafe and Motel are/were. Not much left that works there.

This is the Road Runner and was out in the middle of nowhere, a few miles past Amboy -- which is in the middle of nowhere.


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