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Weigh In Wednesday

Classic Route 66 Signage: Flagstaff

We got to Flagstaff at the end of a day and drove the length of 66 from east to west. The lighting was all wrong so we went back the next morning to shoot a few of the fab spots. I love this one because while the sign itself is nothing much, the building is classic Route 66 with covered parking spots next to each room!


If the place didn't looks so sketchy up close, we might have stayed.

Here's a beauty! Harkening back to when Route 66 was a dusty trail.

I'm sorry we didn't get to see this lit up at night:

At the Howard Johnson, the hotel building was new but they had kept the original restaurant and big neon sign. Hooray for them!

Saw this Cafe in Historic Downtown Flagstaff (though we didn't eat there). Hard to know if it is vintage 66 but seems like it...

On the other side of the tracks in Historic Flagstaff was a collection of cool signs and old motels.

I love that they built signs so tall for approaching cars to see from far off.


Many places we saw had "Sensible Rates"

I love this sad old sign and how it makes me think it's a place for wayward tourists.

Down the street from the DuBeau and The Downtowner was the Sierra Vista Motel. Great sign, though as with many, sadly in need of some refurbishment love.

I love the detail on the above sign as well -- more saguaro and cacti.

East of Flagstaff is an exit for Twin Arrows. Sadly, it's not so happy any more. Jill, who lives in Phoenix, said that there are plans (for good or bad) to build an Indian casino there to revive "Twin Arrows". We'll see...