Classic Route 66 Signage: Barstow
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Classic Route 66 Signage: Kingman

We got to Kingman a bit later and found good signs.

Again with the cursive neon - NICE. I love the overall design of this sign as well and that it seems in good shape.

Unlike this sign which needs a lot of love. In it's heyday the neon arrows flashing down the right side would have been great fun at night.  Anyone know what font "Hillcrest" is?

The Hill Top -- Best Stew View in Kingman! (clicky for bigger). I still prefer "Best Stew". "View" didn't actually occur to us because there wasn't really a significant hill top where we were while taking pictures.

Digging the Saguaro on this sign.

Check it out:

I like that the Frontier advertises it has TV, but is it COLOR?

Not quite sure what the spike coming out of the goblet is all about...but there is that fabulous "Chinese" font again!

Halfway between Kingman and Seligman is The Grand Canyon Caverns, complete with dinosaur and very international (notice all the flags.) Alas, we didn't stop.