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Punk Rock And Me

Friday = Free Day!

Friday was my last day at work! 16 weeks are now complete and HOORAY! I'm very grateful for the job because it helped us get ALL of our credit cards paid off! (The last payment goes out next week!) Very Very grateful for that. It also helped us buy a new car, also a very good and needed thing.

Friday they had a party at work (no, not for me) and some of the story artists in the animation department were doing caricatures so I had mine done. See how happy I am on Friday? 

The guy got my crooked mouth just right!

I was also happy because my new good friend Suzanne had a going away party for me in her office:

It was just the two of us but it was a great party!

When I got home my sister Dor had sent me this LOLcat she had made for me:

That is just about how it felt!

I DO haz freedom!!