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Weigh In Wednesday

KittyonscaleScale says 186 again this week. Maintenance and consistency are not bad things. I hit 185 during the week so I know things are still moving downward on the scale. 

Here's the amazing thing, it's been about eight weeks (or more?) since I started on the plant based program. Over that time, I have had some meat and a tiny bit of fish and a skosh of cheese and dairy. In fact I had ice cream this week and it was okay, but not super satisfying. I think I only had it out of habit as Kurt was having some (a special treat from Baskin and Robins). 

I don't miss the meat and I don't miss the dairy. At all. Maybe it's because I have had enough here and there to feel quite satisfied, not like I'm 100% denying myself. Maybe because all the different recipes I've tried are so yummy and satisfying that I don't even think about meat or dairy anymore. 

No matter what, I feel pretty good about it all and don't feel like I'm "on a diet" of any kind. I could probably eat a little bit less in general, but I'm still pleased with my progress!