Emerging From The Hot Dog Induced Haze
Friday Musings on Music and Grief

Weigh In Wednesday

GiraffeonscaleGood morning! The scale read 186 today, good for me. Down another from last week, even with the hot dog a palooza and etc over the weekend. Last week was very busy with work and event planning and I didn't eat as well as I normally do, though I still didn't eat much outside of the plan (until Saturday and Sunday).  So Sunday night I made the veggie lasagna and will have it for lunch often this week. I also bought stuff for veggie sandwiches to take to work. It's also nice not to spend so much money on lunch.

Last night I dreamt I was running. I felt fast and fleet and fit. (though fast is something I've never been! I'm all about the long distance/slow and steady...) It was a nice reminder of where I can get back to.

I've lost 14 pounds since Christmas. Good for me. The hard part is, I start feeling like "I did it! My clothes are looser and I don't feel as squishy!" but then I see photos of me from last Saturday's event -- where I'm clearly having fun, which is what it is all about! -- and think, "Okay, we have much work to do yet." And I'll do it.

I didn't reach my goal of 183 by June 13. So I will reset the goal and say 182 (or less) by July 15. 

By the way, I just love this picture of the baby giraffe being weighed. He's all long and floppy and I love the parent's giraffe heads looking over the fence in back. I want to hug a baby giraffe.