Coast Starlight -- Twitter Replay Day 1
In Which I Wax Nostalgic About Shampoo

Coast Starlight -- Twitter Replay Day 2

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Continuing our trip via Twitter up the West Coast on Amtrak's Coast Starlight.

Day Two, Sunday July 26, starting at about 5:30am.

Sun is coming thru a crack in the curtains, I can smell coffee brewing. Shasta is close. (click)

After Emeryville the Big Dipper hung just outside my window last night, sang me a lullaby. Truly was CoastStarlight.

Kurt's still asleep. Hard not to wake him so we can spoon and watch the trees go by. Bunkbeds! 

Nice view out the window, getting near Shasta. Breakfast time! (click)

My mother in law just said to Kurt and I, "I hope your offspring has your nose." pointing to me

Jaime the car attendent advised: "walk like a duck." It helps!

View at breakfast (click

The view after breakfast (click) NICE!

A breath of fresh air in Klamath Falls. (click)

Upper Klamath Lake. Gorgeous lake country in Oregon (click

beautiful day in the moutains! (click)

View at lunch. Willamette river I believe. Lovely. (click)

Arriving in Eugene in a minute, sucking up all the 3g I can get!

Hot and fresh air in Eugene. Nice break to be outside! (click) did I mention Hot?

Eugene is where my dear friend Jai died in a house fire with her two kids 5 years ago. Bittersweet memories of this town.

OMG we got MOONED outside of Eugene!!! That is fantastic! (click)

OH @ breakfast "I didn't become a language teacher because I'm good at languages." O RLY?

Hay! lol (click)

Quick stop in Salem. Hot cloudless pretty day. (click) Kurt is trying the shower downstairs.

Oregon City? Big industrial complex at the falls. (click) [Oops! can't find this picture...]

Aproaching Portland. Kurt celebrates with a hot dog. Only 5 more hours till Seattle. (click)

Big bridge into Portland. (click)

On that bridge into Portland. (click)

A HOT quick and not so fresh air stop @ Union Station Portland (click) nice station, classic!