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Weigh In Wednesday

In Which I Wax Nostalgic About Shampoo

Smells create the most vivid memories.

At one of the hotels we stayed in during our trip to Seattle, there was Jhirmack body lotion and shampoo. That name alone takes me back to the 70s, but the scent of the lotion took me specifically back to the smell of FLEX shampoo and Conditioner, or as it was called back then Cream Rinse! (My mom still says cream rinse from time to time and it's like having a soft hug when she says it.)

Thinking about Flex made me think of how there seemed to be a lot less choice in hair products back then. I started thinking about the options available:

Flex - There's that logo:

Prell - Remember the commercial when they drop the pearl in the bottle? "Shatterproof Bottle" or as we like to say "Plastic."


Wella Balsam -- Farrah did ads for it, as did Cheryl Ladd...

Head and Shoulders (though I didn't need it, thank goodness.)

Pantene - which was the REALLY EXPENSIVE stuff at Long's Drugs.

Suave - I started using that in college

There were also the upstart/themed shampoos:

Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific! (Apparently shampoo smelled really bad before it came along?)


And my all time favorite silly-ness: Body On Tap! It's made with real Beer! 



Here endeth my waxing nostalgic. Please share your hair care memories from the 70's!