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Life Online and Free Stuff -- Coke Edition

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At Blogger Prom, I ended up having a fun conversation with a woman who does PR for a beverage company and they had brought Newcastle Brown Ale to the Prom. Newcastle is one of my favorite beers. We followed up after the prom in emails "nice to meet and chat" etc. She then asked if I wanted to try Newcastle's new summer ale sometime and I said yes, but before we could arrange a meet up, they had run out of the summer ale (it was a trial run). Oh well. But then she asked if she could send me some CocaCola products in the new aluminum cans to try out. Well sure! I'm a loyal Diet Coke fan, why not?

So this week in the mail I got these:


Sweet little 8.5 ounce bottles of Coke, Diet Coke and MY ABSOLUTE CURRENT FAVORITE Coke Zero. I've already drunk the Diet Coke and Coke Zero, I'll give the regular coke to Kurt or to his mom as regular coke is way too sweet for me.

How can you not love free stuff? 

Ah, but I hear some of you: it's not really free because you are shilling for Coke and for The Gap now. Well, I have no problem with saying I love something when I do. I've shopped at the Gap ever since I moved to LA 25 years ago (cuz there wasn't any such thing as "the Gap" on Maui). And my relationship to Coca Cola goes all the way back to Tab and Fresca. (Man I LOVE Fresca! Add some vodka and lime juice, and damn you have a fine cocktail.) 

All through high school I drank diet coke probably twice a day. Diet Coke for breakfast and a Diet Coke and a twix for a snack on the drive home. As Diet Coke became more mainstream, Tab was being edged out. But one of my friends at Seabury, we'll call her Tabitha as another friend called her back then, was not going to let Tab go. She never switched and to this day I believe she's still a die hard fan of Tab. 

When Coke Zero came out, I gave it a try and loved it. It's my zero calorie beverage of choice now, though I'm happy to have a DC if the CZ is not available. I haven't seen the aluminum bottles in stores yet (haven't really been looking) but I did notice new smaller plastic bottles of DC and CZ. Normally you can only get 16oz plastic bottles, but now there are (I think) 12 oz bottles.

In the summer of '06 when I was spending much of my days getting to know Paddy and living online while sitting in a F U N K Y movie location in Mexico City (oh and working too), we would have our Diet Coke breaks. You'd have to ask the catering guys to get a diet coke because they weren't just sitting around in coolers like they are on set in the US. It felt awkward to "order" a Diet Coke from them, but after a while you sorta got used to it. They would bring it in a nice glass with ice and lime. YUM. Paddy and I, to this day, wax nostalgic about CLETUS and their Diet Coke deliveries.

Oh dear, I have gone on and on, haven't I? Well, that's a blogger for you.

I am loving my online life and experience. I get excited to meet new people and try new things and I appreciate free stuff to try. Why not?