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The Seattle Trip -- Part II

The Seattle Trip -- Part I

It was hot. Really hot. Record breaking hot. In Seattle. In the greater Seattle area. HOT! Thankfully Kurt's brother is one of the few people in the city who has central air. Even our hotel didn't have air conditioning it the hallways, but luckily the rooms did. Phew. Let me be clear: the record breaking day was 103. Normal for that same day is 77. And the days leading up to and away from that record breaking heat were in the 90s. And it didn't cool off at night, or it did but barely. 

Did I mention it was hot? Okay okay, moving on.

You saw the train trip and the end of it was we arrived in Seattle at 8:45 at night, then went to the in-laws for an evening visit and to get Dot all set in her guest room. We played some Uno and then at about 11:00 Kurt and Glenn drove me to our hotel where I checked in and went to sleep, but the boys went back to Glenn's to play some motorcycle racing game on Wii until 3am. (It's how they bond.)

The next day we picked up our rental car had breakfast at the Shari's Diner next to our hotel and went back to the in-laws to hang out all day. More Uno was played. Some Wii bowling and tennis were played. Uno was played. Some Wii Golf was played. Kurt's niece came by later to join in the fun and Kurt's (our) sister in law prepared a southern feast for dinner: Ham, green bean casserole, and cheesy potatoes with the corn flake layer on top. After dinner there was ice cream. After ice cream there was more Uno. There was only one bottle of wine that the six of us shared at dinner. By the time the Post Dessert rounds of Uno began, I was, uh, needing, jonseing, wanting another glass (or three). Alas,water was my drug of choice. Midnight approached and I said my good nights and departed, taking the rental car and leaving Kurt and his brother to have their rematch on the Wii motorcycles until 3am. My brother in law would drive Kurt back to hotel afterward.

That was Day 1. Whew.

Day 2 started at the in-laws again for a brief morning visit, then Kurt and I headed off to one of the Microsoft campuses to have lunch with my former roommate, Kim. When I lived in Seattle in 92/93 I shared a two bedroom/one bath apartment with Kim for the year. I had search the classifieds and answered an ad in the paper. That is Old Skool! It was also around the time the movie "Single White Female"  came out so we were laughing about that. Kim and I hit it off and I moved in not long after. It was a great apartment -- big living room and kitchen on the 2nd floor of a 4plex in Madison Park, across the street from the Arboretum and just down the hill from Capital Hill. I worked two coffee jobs and Kim worked at a place called Geo Engineers. At our lunch, we laughed about the former receptionist who answered the phone in a sultry way. 

It had been about ten or fifteen years since I last saw Kim and the three of us had a great time chatting and laughing. Her husband couldn't make it though, so we'll have to be back up again soon! We went up to her office and talked about her work, but even better, we talked about her soap and smelled some essential oils she had picked up on a recent trip to France. 

Kim's soap company is called Pepo Park and you can go there and buy some of the beautiful soaps and lip balms she makes. She kindly gave us two bars and two lip balms. We haven't used either yet as I'm in that "oh, I don't want to use it up yet!" mode. But they will be in the shower soon. 

We let Kim get back to work and we headed back to the in-laws to hang out and play some Uno as well as a few more rounds of Wii Bowling or tennis or golf. Soon it was time to depart for dinner and Kurt and headed over to West Seattle to visit Frances and John Smersh.

I went to LMU with Frances and John,though I knew Frances better. We had been in the first class together on the first day of freshman year. Our paths didn't cross very often after that, but LMU was small and we would catch up from time to time. She and John started dating in college and got married soon after. They are still blissfully married (it looked like to me!) after almost 19 years! They are amazing.

We started our visit to their store in West Seattle called Click! Design That Fits on the main drag in town. I wanted to see their store and to buy a few things for birthdays coming up. Great store! Highly recommend you go there and see all the fab stuff they sell. The fabbest of all is Frances' jewelry that she designs and makes. You can see that specifically here

Frances and Kurt and I chatted while Kurt and I shopped. Then it was time to close up and we headed to the nice supermarket to pick up a large slab of fresh Silver salmon for dinner. A few short blocks later we pulled up to their house and John awaited us with hugs and greetings. I haven't seen the two of them since I about 94 or 95 and had to shed a few tears of joy at seeing them both after so long. 

John had already prepared some cheese and crackers -- the cheese was brie and I've never seen it so soft -- but then again it was *only* about 95 degrees at 7:30pm in the house. John and Frances live in a sweet and lovely little bungalow built in the 1920's. And there is no air conditioning because why would you need it? Oy! We were all sweating a bit! But our dinner was alfresco in the cooler back yard. John had simply grilled the salmon with lime juice and dill. There was a green salad and some fried potatoes and onions. And some wine we brought as a thank you. It was delicious and lovely. See?

After dinner we moved indoors to avoid the bugs and had BEAUTIFUL hand made strawberry shortcake. John washed and cut the strawberries while Kurt and I whipped cream. Frances cut the fresh cake part and then John piled it all on each plate. A crisp cold white wine was a refreshing partner to this fresh dessert. HEAVEN! 

We talked and talked and talked and then suddenly it was 12:30! Wow! We said our good-byes and thank yous with big hugs and kisses and more hugs and kisses. It was a wonderful evening that I will think about often. Thank you Frances and John!

More to come about the hottest day on record, Port Townsend, Victorian Hotels, and seeing high school friends I haven't been together with in 24 years...