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Coast Starlight -- Twitter Replay Day 2

Coast Starlight -- Twitter Replay Day 1

For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter (@Kulia), I live-tweeted our trip up on the Coast Starlight from Union Station (also called LAX) to Seattle. 

For those of you who don't know what Twitter is, it's like micro-blogging. You can only use up to 140 characters per post. You can upload photos to add to each tweet that links to where your images live. I took a photo for almost every tweet so please click the little link where indicated to see the visual. 

Here is Day One, Saturday July 25, starting at 9:00 am:

We've arrived at the station! (click for picture) 

LOTS of people in line for the Surfliner to San Diego. We don't have a track assignment for the Coast Starlight yet. Coffee.

Union Station (LAX) is lovely as ever. (click for picture)

My 91 year old mom in law just commented on how people use to dress up to travel. I'm in shorts. Hmmm

On board! (click for picture

We're off!! Adios LA!

First stop! The back side of Van Nuys is not as pretty as you want. (click for picture

Waiting for the coffee to be ready (click for picture)

Tunnels through Simi Valley, but lively rocks when we are out of the tunnel

*lovely* rocks

And now champagne!! (click)

Stop #3 Oxnard. Our lunch rez is in 1/2 hour. (click)

There's a place to eat in Oxnard near the train station called A Burger. Not THE burger. Just A.

Dining car! (click)

Santa barbara station - smoking stop (click)

Stopped south of SLO waiting for a freight train to pass. (click)

In the parlor car. (click)

Near pismo... (click)


Stop #5 San Luis Obispo (click)

At SLO we could step outside for a few minutes. Gorgeous day! (click)

Did I mention they have a movie theater on the train? Dude! (click)

Up and over the hill to Paso Robles. (click)

I also love seeing the original parts of cities and towns, the old Main or Front streets near the train stations.

Stop# 6 Paso Robles. Best picture I could get at this sweet small station. (click)

Also, watching Kurt tidy up a script-entertaining as he mouths words and gestures through the dialog.

Dining car just as we are arriving at Salinas (click)

Train is going through Watsonville which is right near where my sister lived. Suddenly feeling quite sad.

Didn't have my camera out but there was a multi screen drive in theater with lots of cars pulled up and getting ready to watch at San Jose

Post dinner diversion (click)

Sun going down as we pull into San Jose. (click)

Beds are made, teeth are brushed, just need jammies! (click)

That ended Day One of our trip. Next post -- Day Two!