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Weigh In Wednesday

Back To School

It's Labor Day weekend and I'm looking at next week like Back To School starts on Tuesday. I've had a great summer, traveling, blogging, meeting new people, being very social and out there. These last two weeks I've spent like I was 17 again, squeezing out my summer vacation as much as possible -- sleeping late, staying up late, watching tv, going to movies, and doing a minimum of "work" on my personal projects. It'sbeen an interesting time as I've wrestled with myself: half LOVING my "sleep late/lazy summer vacation" and half loathing myself for Not Getting More Done. Why do I punish myself for living the life I've always wanted? (ie freelance and not working all the time?) Why are people so weird? And by people I mean me?

Anyway, I am actually looking forward to getting up early again and focusing on more specific creative ventures. I've done much to move Safety Graphic Fun forward and will continue to do so because I really love it. There is also much fun writing to do. FUN! But as any of you who are writers know, writing can be challenging at times too. 

And while September will be mostly personal work, there will be a bit of paying work as I get ramped up for the new job that will shoot in October/November. I'm pleased, as ever, to get paid to travel to another country to work. It all became real to me as I got a phone call and email from the production office in Belfast asking for info for my work Visa. Oh yeah, I'm going out of town! I have to start thinking of clothes I'll need and how much to pack and etc etc. I'll also have to remember that old film biz adage: "It's LOcation, not VAcation," but that doesn't mean it's all work and no play...

And in regard to actual school, here is a photo of Jen's Bench at Seabury (the one in the middle):


Have I mentioned I love Seabury? I believe they keep the reflecting pool and fountain filled and working all the time now. I wish it were when we were there. I want to just slip into this cool and relaxing picture and rest under the jacaranda tree, listening to the gentle splash of the fountain. Ahhhh. I always loved going back to school in Makawao.