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Weigh In Wednesday

Bird onscale Scale said 186 every day this week. Talk about maintaining! I was encouraged, actually, because it did not fluctuate up at all. Now I'm working on the down slope and eating less during the day and less at each meal and more of the very good stuff -- whole grain pasta, lots of spinach and greens. I've been eating corn flakes for breakfast and that seems to be helping too, instead of the shredded wheat. When it cools off, I'll be happy to have oatmeal with flax seed meal and honey again. YUM!

Exercise? Not so much, just busy around the house, which doesn't really count, but there you go.

Soon I'll be off to my HBO job in Northern Ireland. The eating is going to be awfully challenging because A) I'll be out of my comfort zone and you know how I am about comfort eating and B) there will be yummy things to try. However, I have gotten really good at NOT eating on set except for specific meal times and then just having something like soup for dinner and going to bed. I'll will do the same on this project.

Enjoy this little break of cooler weather, I am!