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Red-belly-weight-740529Today the scaled said 187.

I'm hovering/maintaining. Okay, good to know I can maintain a certain weight. But the idea is to weigh less. I wonder why I'm not losing more weight...what can it be? hmmmm....Oh I know! There is still too much food intake! Right, right.

I'm in summer vacation mode. Sleeping in till 7 or 8 (which is LATE for me!) and going to bed past midnight (which is LATE for me!), reading a lot, doing minimum amounts of officey/worky related things. Mostly I'm trying to stay cool in the hot and smoky air. (We don't have air conditioning.)

I've had much more green stuff in the last week or so, and I can always tell how much better I feel when I do. I had dinner out last night and ate a few meatballs, which on one hand were delicious and on the other hand kinda gross and too fatty. I was shocked SHOCKED! I tell you, that I felt that way about meat. What a pleasant surprise. Funny though, I ate a hot dog the other day without batting an eye. Hmm.

I will keep making healthy non-meat and non-dairy items to store in the fridge so I don't have to fire up the stove every day. Maybe gazpacho for dinner...that would be perfect.