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Lunch At The Crown in Belfast

Causeway Route Weekend Day 1 - Part 1 (The Coast)

Kurt arrived last Friday and Saturday morning we were off to the North in our VW Polo. (Production rented the VFX department a car and after my increased heart rate and blood pressure the first few times I drove last week, I'm pretty used to it now. Though my right hand still reaches for the gearshift from time to time and I will say out loud "Stay Left!" when I'm feeling unsure.)

We drove out of Belfast on The Causeway Coastal Route and headed through Carrickfergus on our way out of town. Here is the castle as seen from the moving car. Handy to have a photographer on board!


Driving around Northern Ireland you figure out in a nano-second you are NOT in LA anymore. The roads are quite different.



We stopped for gas at a place with a foodmart and Kurt soon discovered his new love: Lay's Walker's Potato Chips Crisps: Smoky Bacon Flavor Flavour. He'll be sending a case back home I'm sure.

We wound our way along the water, the day was cloudy but clear. We loved this little tunnel not far from Ballygally.


Here is a view of Ballygally bay.


Me, loving it.


Lighthouses on two tiny islands off the coast.


More gorgeous coastline up toward Glenarm and Carnlough.


When you drive along the coast, there are signs, very disconcerting signs along the road that say things like "Road Liable to Subside." WHAT? Not what I want to read while driving along the ocean.

We stopped in Carnlough for a bite of lunch and walked around looking at this sweet little harbor village.




Though times are not as good as they once were.


There doesn't seem to be as much fun in Funland.


Oh well. We popped into a pub for some pub grub and Kurt had his first taste of Guinness in Ireland.


Guinness is good for you.

We moved on to Glenariff Park to walk in the lovely lush valley.


Here is one nice view down the valley.Viewfromglenariff

Enjoying the view.


This park is very, um, moist.


We headed further north and got to Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. The parking lot was busy with this man and his pack of dogs. ("Direterriers" as Kurt likes to call them.)


I'll post about the rope bridge tour later - that will be part 2 of day 1...

For now, just know that I'm definitely a very good driver.