Causeway Route Weekend Day 1 - Part 2 (Carrick-A-Rede)
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Causeway Route Weekend Day 2 - Part 1 (Giant's Causeway)

After our drive up along the coast with stops at beautiful valley parks and the rope bridge, we were hoping to spend the night in Bushmills (of the 400 year old whiskey) or near the Giant's Causeway itself. Alas and alack most hotels were full up and we hadn't reserved anything! So we drove back toward Carrick-A-Rede and found a spot at the Fullerton Arms in Ballintoy. It was a pub/inn combo, so after a few minutes chillin' in the room, we went down for a pint and some food. 

When we first arrived there were lots of people who looked dressed for work - suits and ties, etc, but it was a Saturday. When we went back down to eat, I realized we had stumbled into the after-gathering of a funeral. There were non funeral goers in the pub as well so we didn't feel too out of place. Just watching the dynamics of the group, I gathered that an older gentleman (60s) had lost his wife. I think his son and daughter in law were there and another older gentleman friend. It was strangely fascinating to be on the outside of it. I wanted to hug them all. I drank 2 pints of Tennants instead.

We fell asleep early and arose for a full breakfast fry-up and coffee then hit the road, first stopping in the little harbor at Ballintoy. We found this unusual house just above the small harbor. 


Not your typical Irish cottage by the sea.

The small harbor itself had stunning views.


On the way back up we saw the church and churchyard where there was the grave site of the previous day's funeral. 


We headed north again, aiming the mighty VW Polo toward Giant's Causeway. We stopped to look at a castle ruin - Dun something (sorry, can't find the name!).


Then into the tiny village of the Giant's Causweay and here was our favorite restaurant! Okay, we didn't eat here, but it's the same name as our fave restaurant in LA: Nook. Can't wait to go there again in the not too distant future. (The one in LA I mean...)


Then we headed to the day's main event -- The Giant's Causeway!
This particular spot is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and I imagine in the summer it is TEEMING with people. There were plenty the day we were there, but you didn't feel one of zillions.

And it was windy. Very very windy, but luckily only a few drops of rain.


It's a super fascinating place and we crawled all around it.



We traded taking photos of others... 

Then they took ours. But by then, the wind had blown a nice salty fog filter on the lens...




There was a rainbow but we didn't find any pots of gold.






Did I mention it was windy?


Other amazing views.


And the Giant's Boot!


Soon it was time to head back up the hill to our car. 


We saw this man and his walking stick. Somehow it struck us funny to climb around these rocks with an umbrella. Maybe you had to be there. 


Highly recommend going to Giant's Causeway. If the formations aren't enough for you, then how about this? Legend has it that Finn McCool built the causeway to get to Scotland and you can see the other side of the "trail" over there. 

We decided that boy or girl, when we do have kids, one of them will be named Finn McCool Frey. HA!