Surreal, Really
Weigh in Monday

All The Little Things...

I can now, finally:

Wear anything I want out of my wardrobe.

Go to Zankou Chicken or Versailles. (Okay, that's just what I'm craving at this moment.)


Text Kurt on my iPhone (I was cheap and didn't do a data plan while away)

Do my own laundry.

Make my own coffee. (OMG this is huge.)

Not have to do math when making phone calls. (4 is 8 for LA and 7 is 9 for Hawaii, etc)

Pet the cats! 

There is much more, but these things are top of the list for the moment.

Yay to be home!

Oh but then I leave again on Tuesday for Thanksgiving (friends in No. Carolina) and then back Saturday. Then gone again on Monday for a location scout for another project. Back five days later. Then home to stay...