Weigh in Monday
Snow Day

Home Sweet Home, For A Minute Anyway

As mentioned previously, it's been a surreal week. One week ago today I was getting on a charter flight from Ouarzazate to London. Here's your visual:


Before getting on the plane, I had a refreshing snack. Well, the coke was refreshing but the chips were awful. Took two bites and threw them out. 


I did keep the coke bottle and now use it as a water bottle at home.

Friday night I was at the pub called The Pillars of Hercules in Soho -- such a dramatic name for a pub! Outside was a mini photo shoot going on so I took a snap of the lovely model.


The next morning I flew back to Los Angeles. This was the beautiful sight that greeted me on our final approach. HOME!


We landed and parked, but then had to get onto buses to go to the Tom Bradley terminal. We walked under our own plane -- a Boeing 777. Very impressive when you are under it!

Now I'm gone again -- Kurt and I are in North Carolina for Thanksgiving with friends. It's relaxing here, no rush, nothing much to do except enjoy good company and food and wine, play games, listen to music, play some wii. We'll be home on Saturday to relieve the cat sitter. Then I'm off again on Monday for a week of location scouting in Montana/Oregon. When I get home on that Friday night, I'm home home home for quite a while. How nice it will be to put the suitcases away.

I have that John Denver song in my head, "Leaving on a jet plane."