Eight Years Ago Today
Plastic Pants

Random Things That Made Me Laugh Today

A) Telling Robert about the tv show Extras and the part when Ricky Gervais's character talks with David Bowie. Makes me laugh so hard!

Gods, I love David Bowie!

B) Having a chat with Laura today on set and we were discussing ducks (don't ask) and she said totally seriously, (and you have to imagine this with an Irish accent) "They're angry, ducks are." I might have done a spit take...

C) Later, Laura (I swear we were working!) and I were discussing a certain male person and she said about him, "If he pointed at something, I'd buy it!" I love this new phrase! I liken it to "I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers."

I had a great day today! Much laughter and hugs and tea.

I think the best part about today was that there was a heated, regular bathroom right near set. HEAVEN!