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2009: A Look Back In Two Parts (Part 2)

2009: A Look Back In Two Parts (Part 1)

In case it wasn't ever that clear: 2008 was awful. The worst. My sister died in 2008. There were other family health crises that made the year tough even without Jen dying. There was not much rejoicing or looking back in December 2008, as all the looking back was right there in my heart: pain, grief, anger. 

2009 was about continuing to move forward through that pain, anger and grief, and to look ahead to what was to come: good, fun, and joyous things. Kurt and I had a lot of fun this year, among the bittersweet moments.

It started off by me becoming the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything:


And since I had just become that, I attended the JPL tweet-up in late January and got to hang out with some superstars of space, like this model of the Voyager spacecraft with The Golden Record!


Spent a lovely afternoon/evening for Classic Eats #2 at Union Station and Phillipe's French Dip. That's a Classic Eats combo I want to do again sometime!


I got a freelance gig back at Sony Imageworks and had to work in an actual office. It took some adjusting.


In early spring, near the anniversary of Jen's death, Sarah took this picture of me and I see so much of Jen in it that it's strange and sweet.


The chinook wind came down to LA and blew our wisteria down.


We took it as a sign to get out of town, so in April we went to see some amazing places in the Southwest, the best being Monument Valley. 


In May we hosted Classic Eats #5. Love Classic Eats! Here we are at Musso And Frank.


We got a new car. We think it rocks.


In June I co-hosted a Very Special Classic Eats called Hot Dog Death March! We had a great time and raised almost $200 for a charity in India that builds toilets in a small village. Wonder if there will be a HDDM in 2010...


In July my niece turned 21. We had a girly day of make up and cocktails with lots of her friends. 


Kurt and I joined her and her friends in Vegas for additional birthday celebrations and poolside lounging.


Later in July there was a blogger field trip to the gun range in downtown LA. I got a new nickname: 

"One Shot One Kill"  

In the Zombie apocalypse, hand the weapons to me.


Also in July I got invited to Blogger Prom. I went all out for the 80's theme.


At the end of July we returned to Union Station downtown and took Kurt's mom on the Coast Starlight up to Seattle. Two days and a night onboard the train actually goes by pretty quickly!


Wow, so much good stuff and that's only half way!

More from 2009 in the follow-up post....