Boxing Day in West LA
2009: A Look Back In Two Parts (Part 1)

Christmas Full Of Books!

I am very grateful for all the gifts I was given this Christmas. I would have been happy with big hugs and shared company of good friends and family alone. Bonus! I got gifts too.

What makes me very happy is that I got many many books! Good old fashioned books with pages and bindings and that new book smell. I always bury my nose into a new book at least three or four times when I start reading it.

My book gift list:

Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby (Love me some Nick Hornby!)

Let The Great World Spin by Colum McCann (I read about it, put it on my wish list then forgot about it!)

Cleaving by Julie Powell (of Julie and Julia fame)

Misquoting Jesus -- The Story Behind Who Changed The Bible and Why by Bart Ehrman

The First Five Pages -- A Writer's Guide to Staying Out Of The Rejection Pile by Noah Lukeman (Thanks for supporting my writing Mom!)

Spirit Animals -- Unlocking The Secrets of Our Animal Companions by Stefanie Iris Weiss. (This after an evening last summer when we saw a large possum in our backyard one night while eating there with friends. Unusual to see one out that early so we looked up the spirit animal significance. This same friend gave me this book.) 

Secret Ingredients - the New Yorker Book Of Food And Drink. (This is a great gift but alas, I already own it and have read it. So I'll be passing this on to Dor who I think will enjoy it a great deal!)

I started reading Juliet, Naked last night and all I want to do today is run away to a coffee shop and just read quietly for hours. Alas, I have to work a little bit (just on the phone and via email) and we still have family here.

I'm grateful for all the great gifts I received!