The Seasons Keep Turning
December 13

Fun in Montana

Last Tuesday in Montana we stopped mid-morning for a coffee refill in Livingston. While everyone was inside, I had to run around the block to take photos of great old buildings and signage. You know me and the old stuff -- I love it!

The first thing that caught my eye was The Murray Hotel. Built in 1904, it has served as a rest spot for the likes of Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane and more recently Sam Peckinpah. And it has great signs!



Directly across the street (and behind where I'm standing in this picture) is a Masonic Temple. Quite different in style.


Here is a bit of detail on the mural in front. Hard to see, but all very Egyptian. (click for bigger.)


Down 1/2 a block was this theater with the coffee place next door.


Wish I could have seen the inside.

One block over was the main drag and what a collection of cool buildings!



I may have mentioned it was cold. It was a toasty 24 this day.


Where does "Hiatt" come from? I've been to another "Hiatt House" before. Is it different from the origins of Hyatt? Anyone?


And I love this little detail in the window.


This was in the alley between the two streets I was taking pictures on. I love that there is a sign for the rear entrance. Seems so old school or something groovy.


The front looked like this:


 I enjoyed my 15 minutes alone with my camera in cold cold weather. 

"I felt untethered and alive."