Resolutions and Commitments
Busy Bee

Feeling Unglued

There are so many big changes on the horizon that I spend a lot of time pretending I don't see them coming. These are changes that scare the bejesus out of me. And these are changes that I want, that I'm actively seeking, that I desire. They all involve things I've never done before so they seem so foreign and almost impossible. I say almost because I am still an optimist and I still want them to happen. 

I know I haven't talked much about what my/our plans are for 2010. I've mentioned vague notions about creativity and new roads. I'm not discussing much openly about that because as Benjamin Franklin said "Well done is better than well said." Or if you prefer Shakespeare, "Talkers are no good doers." I would rather tell you about it all after it's done. So stay tuned.

On other fronts, there are kids in our future. No, I'm not pregnant. We got delayed a bit on this over the last two years with other family things to deal with, my sister getting sick then dying. Kurt's mom needing to be in a nursing home for a while then moving her to LA. Big stuff that took up/takes up a lot of space. Now we are looking ahead to all those amazing joyous things that so many of our friends are experiencing. 

Part of this "make the family bigger" plan involves making the house bigger. Or at least making the garage bigger to accommodate new office and guest space so that il bambino has a spot inside the house. (I guess it's frowned upon to have a baby's room in a separate building?) This will take time and money and energy and effort. It will mean steady income and cramming ourselves back into this space while that goes on. 

As a good friend said recently about a new phase in her young son's life "It's a transition." Good thing to remind myself of as we keep moving forward. Life never sits still, things are always in transition, some are just smaller and less obvious than others. 

While all this goes on, I am feeling unglued. But that doesn't stop me. It can slow me down sometimes, but it won't stop me.