Feeling Unglued
Still A Busy Bee

Busy Bee


Raise your hand if you've been slammed at work. [counting hands....] I'm with you! I am grateful to have the work, truly.

With all the work, there is really not much to report. I've volunteered at KCRW for their pledge drive two mornings so far, tomorrow will be my third and last shift. Have you renewed your membership yet? Now I will start looking for volunteer opportunities for March. So far so good on the volunteer resolution train for 2010.

Last August I got news that Eddie Izzard was coming to town to play at the Nokia Theater. I bought tickets immediately and last Saturday night we joined in the fun.


Our seats weren't bad, especially for such a huge venue. (Last time we saw Mr. Izzard was at Largo. We were in the last row which was something like row 25. NICE!) There were three huge monitors and it was easier to watch them, but still felt strange to watch the monitor when the guy was right there on stage. 


(this picture gets bigger with a click.)

He didn't disappoint and Kurt and I have been quoting the squirrel on Noah's Ark all week. 

Eddie dressed like a boy this time, wearing jeans, a striped shirt and tails. When I wasn't laughing hysterically I thought about how I always always always wanted to buy a tailcoat. It was new wave (or something 80's) and I wanted one so bad. Of course I could never find one on Maui, but when I got to LA and someone took me to Aardvarks, there was a WHOLE RACK OF THEM! OMG OMG OMG! However, they were like $150 or $200 each -- not really in a college freshman's budget. So I never got one. All week I've been thinking, oooh, I could afford one now if I wanted to. Then I thought, how silly would I look? Then I would think again, so what? Just get one and see. 

But I've been too busy.