End of Six Weeks -- How Am I Doing?
I Forgot I Was On A Roller Coaster

Losing My Grasp

Last week was B U S Y. So was the week before that. It's good to be employed, no doubt. But it's not normally the way I like to work and a lot of it was out of my hands, so I just had to deal. This week will be busy as well, but in a much different way. More adjustments.

And speaking of adjustments, I'm having a hard time adjusting to this new year, to these new directions. Hard in that I find I'm still wallowing in past frustrations, still bemoaning things that haven't happened yet instead of focusing on making them happen now (or soon). I think part of what is frustrating is that much of it is plan B. Thankfully there is a plan B, but still, plan A was plan A for a reason. 

I know, I'm being vague. Sorry. I have to let go of what is past because it is past. Yet I find myself holding onto to it so tightly. I'll be concentrating on letting it go, one finger at a time, this week.