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2nd Six Weeks -- How's It Going?

March 26 was the end of my 2nd six week plan. How did I do?

My second Six Week Plan was:

  1. Exercise at least six days a week with higher # of reps and greater intensity. I need to have sore muscles after exercising to know I pushed it harder.
  2. Eat less and eat better, make two specific meals a week (from cookbooks)
  3. Bring book proposal to Rough Draft shape and find a better time to work on it during the day.
  4. Continue writer's group! 

Here are the scores:

1. I did exercise at least 6 days a week and upped the reps/times/intensity of each exercise I did. That felt good and at one point Kurt pointed out that he could tell how much stronger I have gotten. Excellent Awesome Feedback! I did take a week off of exercising for, um, fertility reasons. The doctor suggested not doing much bouncing around during that certain fertile time of the month. So I took those six exercise days off. I started back again this last Monday (The start of the new six weeks) and have exercised only three days this week. It felt great and I then let myself get distracted by item #4.

2. Got very cranky at myself for not eating better (the secret goal is to lose weight) and my weight was staying the same or creeping up. So I started back on weight watchers online and it's helped a lot. I've lost five pounds already and am continuing this good momentum. My biggest problems is portions so the online guide is very helpful for keeping me on track. Plus I don't like going to actual WW meetings/offices. A bit too culty. But I like WW as it is all regular food you make and eat, not packaged stuff you buy. It forces you to be better at regular life eating. So kudos to me on that great start.

3. Kind of in fail territory here. Just am not getting excited about my book proposal. I have more fun just doing the website, so I'm leaving it there for now.

4. FTW territory here! (FTW = For The Win) as we have set dates on calendars to accomplish certain tasks, etc. The writing is cranking along and while it is challenging at times, it never gets dull! On top of that creative work, I've joined in on Script Frenzy (as you've read.) As of today I've written up to page 11 (10.1 pages). I'm extremely excited about just getting more words on a page.

There is a bit of paying work to do that started this past week and will continue into next week. Nice have money coming in again and also I get to work from home, unsupervised, which is always ideal. 

Also, I haven't talked about my resolution to do charity work at least once a month for the year. January and February I spent time volunteering at KCRW during their pledge drive. On March 31st I spent an afternoon at the LA Food Bank, working with other volunteers to sort donated food. Fascinating place, the Food Bank. I was glad to be there helping and I think I will go back again in April once or twice. So far I ROCK on this resolution. 

This past week was the start to the 3rd six weeks of 2010. My goals:

  1. Get back to exercising 6 days a week, at higher reps/more intensity, even if it means getting up earlier.
  2. Continue the better eating habits and stick with the continuing weight loss plan. 
  3. Keep cracking on with the writer's group, finish my (min.) 100 pages for Writer's Frenzy and create, create create!