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Weigh in Wednesday

Social Worker and Bassinets

This past Wednesday we had our home visit by the social worker. Of course it went just fine and we joked with her about "passing" when we were done. She basically took a tour of the house, made some recommendations about baby-proofing and we talked about where the wee one might live. (Still haven't sorted that out yet.) Then she interviewed us each, separately, about our family histories, brothers/sisters, what was growing up like, how our parents influenced us, etc etc. It was good, easy stuff. Well, explaining my family is never really "easy". "How many brothers and sisters do you have?" That is a loaded question! My dad was married four times. My mom was married three times. There are step and half siblings galore. We got through with lots of laughing and I only cried a little bit.

I was really pleased to realize I know a LOT about the practical stuff around a house with baby. 98% of things she mentioned in regard to baby-proofing and such I already knew. That is what happens when I'm the youngest in the family, everyone had kids a while back and I watched my sisters be moms and adjust their houses accordingly. Same with our friends, we are the last in our immediate group to have kids so we've watched/learned a lot through them too. 

One suggestion she made was a really helpful solution. She suggested a bassinet for il bambino if we don't have a separate room for the wee one right away. I had "crib" in my mind and a much smaller bassinet makes so much sense to be in our bedroom. (We will not be co-sleeping.) Kurt wasn't sure what a bassinet was, exactly, so we googled it and found this:


So chic! So moderne! So expensive! At $500 it's a bit (ha!) out of our price range. Hand-me-down or $50 pre-owned is more our speed. And especially for a bassinet - this would work out to something like $100/month of use. But it sure is cool.

At this point we are so focused on fingerprint docs, birth records, medical forms, bank statements, etc etc etc, that actual baby stuff is not in our sights quite yet. That will come...