Winner! Winner!
Social Worker and Bassinets

Spring Cleaning!

April has been a frenzy of many kinds -- script, housecleaning and paper gathering. I can't wait to see what kind of May flowers are to come.

The house is really really clean - in some rooms. The living room is great: took out, dusted and reorganized ALL THE BOOKS! Yes, dusted each frakking one! I gave a bunch a way, loaned a bunch and found new spots for some. The bookshelves look divine now:


So tidy. We also moved all of the furniture around so that we could sweep/vacuum/mop beneath it all. We took the area rug outside to beat the crap out of it and let it air. It's still kinda dusty, but at least it's an improvement. (Can't afford to get it professionally cleaned just now.) I dusted every nook and cranny and it looks great. Now we just need to re-cover all the comfy, but a bit tired, furniture.

The Bedroom got similar treatment. All furniture got moved and cleaned from all sides. I banged throw pillows together outside, then let the sun clean them for a few hours. We wrestled the bed and chests of drawers around to get at them from all angles and to vacuum underneath them. I didn't take photos of the PILES of dust underneath because A) too mortified to show you and B) the minute you could see the dust the vacuum was sucking it up.

The Kitchen and Pantry got the treatment as well. Gave away some unused dishes, Kurt went to work on the 50 year old stove (not sure when it was made) and it sparkles now. We also dusted behind stuff that hadn't been dusted behind in ages. Okay years. There, I said it.

The Dining room got half the treatment, but still needs a good mopping and the bar needs to be pared down and cleaned out. The bathroom gets the most regular cleaning so it's in pretty good shape, though the walls could use a bit of a wipe down.

My office and Kurt's office. Well. These are the cleaning staging areas that are neglected the longest. We switched DSL providers and that got finished this week so now it's time to remove extraneous internet tube gear and dust, dust, dust. Plus I have to dust the bookshelf and books in my office and then get all the piles of paper under control. I did tons of shredding last week. I started with three storage boxes like this:


And shredded down to this:


Hard to see, but I promise, those two bottom boxes are empty! There is much more out in our storage spot behind Kurt's office that needs going through, so that is still to come.

The momentum is great and by the end of next week, the whole place will have been cleaned. Poor old house! 

Part of the cleaning in my office will involve finding new homes for some of the furniture and lamps that seem to have ended up in here. It has become the catch all spot and much needs to GO. And go it will.

Love the clean so very much!