We've Been Strafed!
Winner! Winner!

Ticking The Boxes

We are working our way through the checklist. Today we did fingerprints or "livescans" to be send to the FBI as well as the state for background checks. Check.


We've received copies of Kurt's birth certificate and our marriage license. Now just waiting on my birth certificate and Kurt's divorce records. My birth certificate comes from Hawaii, of course, and when I went to their site, there is a whole page about Obama and asking for his birth certificate. Oy.

We have copies of our insurance showing that our future bambino is covered.

Kurt went and got his physical and blood and TB tests this week. I'm going in two weeks to a new GP for this. 

We had already written our autobiographies and filled out the application. We also turned in our confidentiality docs. 

We've asked friends for reference letters, so those are (hopefully) in progress. 

We've scheduled our infant CPR and First Aid class for the end of May. (Anyone want to join us?)

Now it's down to financial records, employment statements (ha!) and a letter to the birthmom. 

Next week we have our second interview with the social worker in our house. That is going to be intense as we haven't quite figured out where things will go. I realize we have a bit of time before we need to baby proof and rearrange furniture, but still...daunting in 950 square feet and both of us work at home most of the time.

I've said before, it's hard to get excited in this phase. There are so many little details to deal with, it doesn't feel like it's leading up to a baby yet. But it will. 

We move ever forward!