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Weigh in Wednesday on Sunday

Hippoonscale It's been a while since I did my blog weigh-ins because I was annoyed that I would have had to start back ABOVE where I last weighed in. I wanted to be where I was, or below, before going weekly again.

Last summer, before leaving for Belfast, I was 186. When I returned from Belfast, then North Carolina for Thanksgiving, then Montana/Oregon, I was 186. Well done me for maintaining. Then, well, things fell apart, I got back up to around 195 after the holidays. Bummer. I started working out a lot on the Wii Fit and that has been good, but the eating was still off track. I went to get my hair done in early March and the woman who cuts/colors my hair said she was doing Weight Watchers online and had lost 8 pounds already. I thought about that for a few days and decided to sign up online with WW to get me back on track. (Don't like the live meetings and weigh-ins.) But I needed something more than just "I want to lose x pounds." That's a good goal, but I need rewards for reaching a goal. (Other than looking and feeling silly is that? Oh well...)

I started March 8 and the plan is this: I can not cut my hair (except for tiny trims) until I have lost 25 pounds. I told my hair cutter so she's in on it too. Those of you who know me know that cutting my hair is a favorite thing for me to do. 

On March 8 I weighed in at 192. Today I weighed in at 185. I'm pleased, but will not fully rejoice until I'm at 180 when I can fit into 2 pairs of brand spanking new jeans I have in my closet. "New" means I bought one pair last summer when I was about this weight, but really I needed a few more pounds off to really feel good in them. Another pair I bought at Christmas 2007 when I was at 180. I can't wait to get into them again and to let my current jeans go. 

Forward with good health!

P.S. OMG look how cute that baby hippo is!!