Ticking The Boxes
Spring Cleaning!

Winner! Winner!

Woo hoot! 27 days ago I had only a blank page. I got to page 101 today! And when I verified those pages at the Script Frenzy site I was rewarded with the banner seen here and to the right. I'm very pleased.


However, my story is not complete, so I'll spend the next three days getting to the end of it. Then May 1st begins Rewrite Frenzy! This is a Frenzy of my own making. So I made my own badge for it as well:


I am very please with the work I've done and am going to keep going full force on this rewrite. I'm not sure how to gauge the progress other than to indicate how many hours a day I put in so I'll just start there.

Thanks for all the support -- I'll need even more in the rewrite process!