Weigh in Wednesday
Wee Frog

Infant CPR and First Aid: Piles of Babies!

Saturday was our CPR and First Aid class. Learning CPR (adults, kids and infants) is pretty amazing in that it is so simple. I hope I never get to use it. Aside from the physical lesson, we learned that if someone needs CPR it means they are probably already technically dead. You only give CPR if they aren't breathing and there is no pulse. 

No breathing + No pulse = Dead

Doing CPR only keeps the blood pumping until paramedics (or other help) arrive to use a defibrillator (or drugs) and potentially start their heart again. So don't feel bad if you break a rib.

During the First Aid part, I was glad to know I already knew a lot of stuff. Still learned plenty though. We'll have to take refresher courses at some point. 

After class it was time to stack the babies and put them away.