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Weigh in Wednesday

Six Weeks Later: How Am I Doing?

Okay, in all honesty, I lost count of which of the six weeks I'm in. I could go back and figure it out but I'm too busy! I do know that I'm moving forward well and that is key.

Let's run it down!


As you know I'm currently in Rewrite Frenzy for the month of May. I will be giving the feature script to Kurt to read this week for some feedback on my rough rough rough draft. Then my goal is to revise and give it to the other two members of our group to read before the end of May.

The other writing project, the spec tv series, is coming along great and we are going to be pitching it in front of actual people within a month or so. 

I'm so excited and overjoyed about being in a major creative mode that it's hard to remember that I have to also be looking for some paying work soon! 

The SGF book proposal has fallen down the list. I'm just focusing on keeping the site going and entertaining people with my snarky comments. That will have to do for now.


I've lost ten pounds and am on my way to losing 25. I'm very pleased with the progress, though I've stalled a tiny bit here at ten. I'm breaking on past it this week and will do an official weigh in post later on.

I've not been exercising as much -- simply choosing to stay in and write rather than go out and walk or do the Wii fit. I will get back to it, no doubt. Since the weight is coming off, I'm not as concerned about exercising because, funny thing, when I STOP EATING SO MUCH, I lose weight.


April got away from me for volunteering so I'm doubling up in May. I helped a friend host a charity party on May 1st. We collected over 3000 diapers for Help A Mother Out -- the charity that collects and distributes diapers to poor and homeless families. (Diapers and wipes are not covered under food stamps and WIC.) That was a fun and really easy way to volunteer my time. It was also quite satisfying to collect so many needed diapers.

This coming weekend is the Metblogs Blog-A-Thon at Canter's Deli. I decided to make it an event to raise money and canned food for the LA Foodbank (where I volunteered in March). I've been working with the Foodbank to get collection boxes and posters as well as telling people all about the event. I'm hoping we raise over $1000 in cash and 200 pounds of canned food. I'll also be at the blog-a-thon for two separate shifts. I'm looking forward to it and I hope you stop by.

Those are the three major areas I'm focused on for 2010. So far so good!