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Weigh in Wednesday

Weigh in Wednesday on Friday (Update!)

Piggyonscale! Oh I am STOKED today!  

I weighed in at 180 which makes me 12 pounds down and only 13 to go. Almost halfway to my goal and I am so pleased.

Even better -- EVEN BETTER!

I tried on ALL of my size 12 jeans today (there are 3) and THEY ALL FIT! They may be a *touch* snug, but not unwearable at all. 


My 14s are all on their last legs, as I would NOT buy new size 14 jeans but would work to get into all the size 12s I have. And I have.

I'm on the verge of feeling skinnier, but still not there yet. When I hit 175 I will feel that way, I know it.

I've been eating better (well, tough to eat super well when we had a 24 hour blog-a-thon at Canter's last weekend) and will continue to do so over the weekend so that I can be at 179 on my official weigh in day next week. 

I'm seriously pleased and will not be resting on my laurels!

UPDATE: Tried on my wedding dress. It almost fit. 5-7 more pounds for that one. Kurt was all goofy smiley when I walked in to see if he could zip it. Fun to put it on again!

And yes, I'd be happy to show you a wedding photo!