Six Weeks Later: How Am I Doing?
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Weigh in Wednesday

Hedgehog fat 1 Woo hoo! 

Weighed in at 181-even today. Down another pound from last week and down 11 overall. I had been a bit stuck in "ten pounds down" plateau land. I was congratulating myself for about two weeks for getting ten off, conveniently forgetting that there were 15 more to go. Now I've broken past the ten and am looking forward to the 170s next week.

I'm highly motivated and feeling great. My pants are getting looser and looser. I'm almost ready to try on some of my smaller jeans, but I might wait till next week. Again, I'm not feeling skinnier yet, but I know I am getting there.

I'm considering running again when I get to about 175...

My hair is getting longer and while it's not a bother now, if I don't get to my goal of losing 25 pounds by September, I'm going to be all pony-tail all the time and never blow dryingl.  Must be able to cut my hair before it gets way too hot.

PS Love me some plump hedgehog!