My Year Long Seabury Reunion 2009-2010
My Favorite Picture So Far On Maui

Maui Maui Maui

It's been a year and half since I've been home. Longer since Kurt's been here. I always forget exactly how awesome the tradewinds feel and how the ocean sounds. So lulling.

Here's a recap of the last 24 hours...

Flying in over mom's house. (Yes, I did get the rainbow in there on purpose


Then we turn around for final approach and gaze upon Haleakala. 

I bought a block of Ahi for sashimi before dinner. YUM!!!!11! (Yes, I shared.)

We are staying across the street from Mom's house (housesitting for her neighbors). So I get a nice view to the house I grew up in every time I walk out the door.


In the morning I checked email and online stuffs with this view:


Then Kurt and I went for a walk on the beach. First leaving our slippers at the "door" to Baby Beach.


There were limu pickers, working hard.


Then Mom and I went up to Seabury to get interviewed by Linda for Seabury "archives". It's really not tough for me to talk about how much I love Seabury. I mean look at it!


On the way home, we swung by this so I could take a photo. Spent a few 4th of Julys there watching the rodeos.


Then we stopped at Minit Stop in Paia to get some local ono grinds for lunch: Li hing mango, spam musubi, cone sushi, manapua, then potato wedges and fried chicken for Kurt -- and the Maui chips he loves.


I worked hard on portion control.

Now we are just kicking back, feet up on the lounge chairs on the lanai. We might go to Whole Foods later to get something fresh, local and yummy for dinner.