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My Year Long Seabury Reunion 2009-2010

I realized I left a few people out of my recent reunion post. Here is a rundown of Seabury-ites (Seaburians? Seaburinos?) I've seen over the last year.

July 6, 2009: Kevin Crane came to LA for work and we went out to dinner, taking one self portrait with the iPhone. Hilarious.


While I had seen Courtney in LA earlier in the year, we neglected to take a photo as we spent so many hours yakking and closing down the restaurant we were in! Luckily we were going to meet up again in July in Washington State, this time with Steve.


Then I got all busy working and leaving the country. 

2010 rolled around and there was a great increase in Seabury Facebook traffic with talk of people being at the reunion in June. That lead to more Seabury friends on Facebook and more reconnections.

First there was lunch with Victoria in April. Hadn't seen her since she graduated!


Then she came to see Denis Leary on June 10 and we hung out before hand as well. Plus she'll be on Maui this week too!

In May it was Lance and Ellen in LA. Easily haven't seen them in 20 years. Amazing how comfortable it feels to see everyone, even after decades!


Then Heather (formerly Yolles) came to LA with her family and we got to hang out twice!  He we are with her adorable girl, Sasha.


And today I had lunch with Lehn, wonderful, amazing, inspiring Lehn!


There will be many more photos this week of the parties before the reunion then the reunion itself on campus. Sarah Bott and I have a treasure hunt planned for Cooper House. Look for that soon!