Weigh in Wednesday on Friday (Update!)
Where Do The Weeks Go?

Weigh in Wednesday

Gal_animals6Scale said 179 today. Yes and yes and yes! I made it into the 170s. Haven't seen this place in a lot of years. I will keep working my way down that scale. 

I've lost 13 pounds now, half way to my goal!

And with this new weight and size, I am beginning a new set of relationships with the jeans that have been sitting, neglected for years, in my drawer. There is the pair of size 12 wide leg gap jeans I bought four years ago when I was a size 14, intending to just lose those few extra pounds to fit into them. (I never really did.) They look fab on me now. There is the pair of jeans I got free last summer from the Gap party I went to, hosted by the Slackmistress. I put on a bunch of weight between last summer and this winter so I never wore them. And the pair of dark dark dark blue jeans I bought last time I got to 180, which was December of 2007. I only stayed at 180 long enough to buy those jeans, apparently. But now they are all in rotation!

Feeling good, though there is much to do outside of eating and I'm a bit stressed about that....

But look at that darling little leopard! Smooch his little face!