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Prepare For A Shortage Of Kleenex On Maui This Week

Weigh in Wednesday

Cute-baby-panda Today I weighed in at 178. Down another pound for a total of 14 lost so far! 

I am excited about this. However, I'm feeling a bit funny about it. I weighed myself about 10 times this morning, sliding the scale around the bathroom just to be sure. 

Here's why. Friday night Kurt and I splurged on Pizza from LaRocco's in Culver City. And by "splurge" I mean "gorged." Then we ate ice cream. 2 scoops of full fat yum yum yum ice cream. Saturday I ate healthfully, though my bowl of whole wheat pasta was larger than normal. And Sunday. Sunday was LA Metblogs Donut Summit. I didn't overdo, though I have to say that these days, even having two donuts is overdoing it. When we got home all I wanted was MEAT. So we had rice and beans and steak for dinner. There was some salad too.

I woke up Monday, fully prepared to be a few pounds up, maybe 180, or even 181. That would be fair. Nope. I was at the upper end of 178. (I weighed myself about 15 times to be sure, but it stayed there.) Yesterday I thought, okay, today the reckoning! Also 178. This morning (on my official weigh in day) I was sure I'd be back in the 180s. Nope.

Clearly I'm doing something right and I'm not going to complain. Though I'm not going to risk another pizza donut binge this weekend!

Look at that wiggly little Panda! Just want to bury your face in his fuzzy tummy.