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Observations About Expecting A Baby But Not Being Pregnant

Boxes Ticked, Stork Alerted

PreemptiveStork The Stork made a preemptive strike the other day.

Luckily it wasn't the actual baby yet as we still haven't finished cleaning out the house nor have we decided where the wee Billie Joe Schleck Frey is going to live. For now we have finished all the required paperwork (just sent the last three items in this week) and today we have our final meeting with the social worker. Then we are officially ready to get matched with a birthmom.

Though we have had two false alarms already. Once in early May and once earlier this month. Our adoption agency calls with these magic words: "There's a birthmother..." and you take a small step toward maybe being matched. That first phone call is simply to say, we would like to put your info into the small group of potential adoptive parents for the birthmom to pick from. The agency will have a small bit of information for you, the due date, the location of the birthmom, the ethnicity and maybe the sex of the baby. You can say yes or no at that point. We said yes both times, and both times we were not chosen, but it was really good practice to see how that feels. I think the heart pounding will be reduced every time we get that call as it is less exciting the more times we go through it. The heart rate will shoot through the roof when we get that next call "The birthmom picked you..." I'll let you know how that goes.

So for now, more cleaning out of the house and offices, perhaps a bit of research into pediatricians, carseats, strollers, etc. Also? Fantasizing about getting a dishwasher and where to put it.

(Thanks for the books, Debra!)