My Favorite Picture So Far On Maui
Interrupting Maui For A Bit Of Rock Band

Seabury Reunions - Friday Night

First I have to correct and omission from my previous post about the "year long reunions". I also spent time with Lisa from my class last summer. We didn't take a photo so that's why I spaced. (I'm such a visual person I guess.) 

Then, funny thing, at the airport on our way back, I ran into Lauren from my class. She was on Maui with her family and I haven't seen her in 25 years. Amazing.

For the official weekend, we started with a party Friday night at our place. First we had to clean up and put the food out.

Cleanup  Spammusubi
(I promise we had more/better food than just the spam musubi!)

It was wonderful to see so many faces I hadn't seen in years and years! Getting a photo of us all was like herding cats. I love this picture best.

L-->R: Robert Crozier, Chipper Conrad, Sarah Bott, Joy Fitzgibbon, Robert Stoner, Hilary Harris, Victoria Estenson, Jennifer Bruce, Maria Rawe, Fred Rawe, Swaim Flowers (in front of Fred), me, Brent Estenson. Missing from the photo are: Cyana, David Dixon, Christina E. Pre-Reunion Part 

Hilary, Sarah and me. Hilary is even more gorgeous than I remember from Seabury!


Here I am with Maria and Fred Rawe. Fun to talk as grown ups! I told Maria all about the time I ran into them at 12:30 at night while waiting for Kevin to sneak out of the dorm. Ask me and I'll tell you about it sometime. The moral of the story -- when you are a square, you can get away with things like that.


The other thing I loved about inviting the Rawes to the party was how many people stopped short when they saw Fred. Fred was Dean of Students and dealt with discipline. In a split second you could see the wheels turning to all the trouble caused in high school. It was hilarious.

Another gorgeous creature I hadn't seen for longer than 25 years: Mary Hogan. What a treat to see her again!

The party was fun, relaxing, sweet. Couldn't wait for the official party on Saturday night.